Past meeting programs

Here is a llisting of the last few years of Wisconsin Chapter NRHS meetings, in person and online. 

Many of our online meetings were recorded; links to the video of those are provided where available. Also see the chapter's YouTube channel.


April 5: Edward M. Koehler Jr presents A Glimpse at the NYO&W

March 1: Tom Hoffmann's 20-Year Lookback: 2003

February 2: The chapter's annual business meeting and Movie Night:
 Brian Buchanan - "How I Became a Railfan"
 Gordon Smith - "Canadian Alcos in the 1980s"
 Matt Brozowski - "Freight in Motion: 2023 in Review, by Season"

 January 5: "The Street and Interurban Railways of Sheboygan," presented by James Rindt



December 1: "The Railroad Photography of Linn Westcott," presented by Kevin P. Keefe

November 3: "NRHS Conventions Past and Present," presented by Bob Joyce and Mike Yuhas

October 7: Annual banquet, with keynote presentation by Chris Burger

Setember 8: Members Favorite Slide Night

June 2: Dave Nelson presents "The Photography and Collections of Rod Robinson."

May 5: Keith Schmidt and Dan Grudzielanek present "Get 'em Before They're Gone" - their September 2022 visit to Montana and Wyoming

April 14: Kenny Wright presents "Tracks to TOWN," a look at railroads around Hagerstown, Maryland

March 3: Richard Koenig presents "On the Eve of Staggers" - some midwest railroads in the late 1970s

February 21: Online Slide Show
 Jerry Pyfer - Stuff from Little Yellow Boxes
 Jerry Krug - Road Trip to Rich Mountain on KCS
 Jim Yanke - The Railroading Adventures of a Conductor's Son

February 3: Paul Swanson of the Lake States Railway Historical Association presents a program of photography by the late Harry C. Evans

January 6: Tom Hoffmann presents "2002 Look Back"



December 20: Online Slide Show
 Ron Burkhard - Oregon Trip
 Ed Koehler - Combined Tours of the new Grand Central Madison station
 Elrond Lawrence - The Central California Coast Line: Union Pacific's time machine between San Luis Obispo and San Jose
 Mike Yuhas - I Cover the Waterfront

December 2: Al Baker Presents

November 4: Western Pacific Boogie, by Bill Christopher

October 18: Online Slide Show

 Rob Pfeiffer - The Start of Something Good: A Zephyr Honeymoon, 1997
 Steve Barry - Northeast Steam
 Joe McMillan - Lake Michigan Carferries

October 7: Auction

October 1: Chapter Banquet: keynote presentation by Edward A. Burkhardt, founder of Wisconsin Central

September 9: Members Favorite Slide Night

June 21: Online Slide Show
 Marshall W. Beecher - North Central Indiana Rails
 Mark Llanuza - Chicago & North Western's Elroy Subdivision
 Gordon E. Smith - My Hometown Railroad, The Central Vermont
 William M. Beecher Jr. - Mineral Range

June 3: 50 Years of Railroad Photography, by Mike Yuhas
 Part 0 - Preliminary announcements
 Part 1 - Long Island, Philadelphia, etc., including LIRR, PC, D&H, Conrail, CSX
 Part 2 - Sand Patch, Chicagoland, Santa Fe, Wisconsin, The West, The Mississippi

May 6: Two programs presented by Andrew S. Nelson
 Part 0 - Announcements
 Part 1 - My Green Bay & Western
 Part 2 - Up North in Wisconsin with the Nelson Brothers

April 19: Online Slide Show
 Dave Nelson - TBA
 Gilbert Sebenste - Those Were the Nights
 Jerry Krug - Special Schemes and Trains

April 1: The Godfather's 1957 Travels, with John Dziobko and Ray Peacock
 Part 0 - Announcements and railroad news
 Part 1 - John's trip: NJ, Roanoke, Cincinnati, Chicago, Omaha, Salt Lake, San Francisco etc.
 Part 2 - John's trip: Oakland, Portland, St. Paul, Proctor & Duluth, Chicago, etc.

March 23: Hello FOXY! With Stefan Loeb and Brian Buchanan
 Part 1 - Stefan Loeb
 Part 2 - Brian Buchanan and Q&A

March 4: Last Ride on the Milwaukee Road Pacific Extension with Alan Freed
 Part 1
 Part 2

February 11: Online Slide Show

 Jerry Pyfer - Illinois Central Gulf Freeport District
 Jeff Wojciechowski  - "Working" Out West
 Erik Lindgren  - Winter on the Front Range
 Dan Grudzielanek - SD40-2 Tribute
 Erik Shicotte - Concrete Cowboy: October on the High Plains

February 4: 20 Years Ago with Tom Hoffmann
 Annual business meeting
 Tom Hoffmann's presentation

January 7: Bob Baker’s Milwaukee Road
 Part 1
 Part 2



December 21: Online Slide Show
 Mark Lynn - Santa Fe, 1968-2001
 Brian Hechel - 20 Years of Digital Photography
 Matt Brozowski - A Week on the Rio Grande
 Bon French - A Day at Rochelle with Dick Neumiller
 Mike Yuhas - 1991

December 3: David P. Morgan’s Milwaukee, by Kevin P. Keefe
 Part 1
 Part 2

November 5: Where Nature Smiles 300 Miles, by Bryan Howell
 Part 1
 Part 2

October 19: Online Slide Show
 Alan Baker - Amtrak's Acela in Connecticut
 Rich Peters - Twenty Years of Railfanning
 Jim Rindt - Chicago & North Western Lakeshore Division: Interesting Angles and Oddities
 Mike Slater - Milwaukee Road Aerial Photographs

October 1: Railroad Mayhem Night, presentations by Chris Barney and Dave Nelson
 Part 1 - Chris Barney 
 Part 2 - Dave Nelson

September 10: Members Favorite Slide Night

June 15: Online Slide Show
 Ron Burkhard - A Few from My Past - Slides 1959-2018
 Edward M. Koehler - A Visit to the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad
 Mike Sosalla - Passenger Memories, Part 1
 Rob Pfeiffer - Butler and Beyond: Recollections of C&NW's Last Decade
 Mike Del Vecchio - Norfolk Southern 1700 - Authentic Heritage

June 4: Communications and Signals Then and Now, by Brian Sykes
 Part 1
 Part 2

May 8: Photography of “Godfather” John Dziobko, presented by Eric Rasmussen and Ray Peacock (joint meeting with North Western Illinois Chapter)
 Part 1
 Part 2

April 20: Online Slide Show
 Keith Schmidt - Steamed Rice, Diamond Facets, and 261 Special
 Marshall W. Beecher - Calumet Rails
 Steve Glischinski - Midwest Railroads in the 1970s
 Tom Danneman - Off the Beaten Path: BNSF's Casper and Cody Subdivisions
 Gary Pancavage - Amtrak - From the Inside Out, A New Look on the Reading & Northern, and Delmarva Central - Service with Pride!

April 2: Taking Trips the Second Time, by Bob Gallegos

March 5: Rail Lines of Otto Mears, by Edward M. Koehler
 Part 1 (introduction)
 Part 2
 Part 3

February 16: Online Slide Show
 Steve Miazga - Duplainville Diamond Cutover
 Dan Munson - Blades along the route of the Southwest Chief 
 Dean Sauvola - Wisconsin Central's White Pine line
 Jerry Pyfer - Wisconsin short lines - beyond the Cheddar Curtain
 Mike Yuhas - More adventures in aerial railroad photography

February 5: Soo Line Photos by Bill Raia and Soo Line 1003, presented by Mike Raia
 Part 1 - Bill Raia's Soo Line photos
 Part 2 - Mike Raia's 1003 photos

January 8: Wisconsin Branchlines, presented by Arlyn Colby
 Part 1
 Part 2



December 15: Online Slide Show 
 Scott Lothes
 Matt Krause
 Norm Carlson
 Apurva Bahadur
 Jim Sponholz

December 4: Montreal to the Maritimes, presented by R. L. Eastwood Jr.
 Part 1 - intro
 Part 2
 Part 3 - Q&A and closing remarks

November 6: CSX Honor Locomotives and Other Cool CSX Things, by Eric T. Hendrickson
 Part 1
 Part 2

October 20: Online Slide Show

 Steven Chen - Railroad Photography in Atlanta
 Don Marson - 45 Years of Winter Photography
 Andy Wehrle - 2020: Lemonade
 Erik Lindgren - Exploring Colorado Rail Photography in the Fall
 Bill Christopher - Just Too Cool: The Green Bay & Western, Then and Now 

October 2: Wisconsin Great Northern, presented by Greg Vreeland and Robert Tabern
 Part 1 - History
 Part 2 - Passenger service
 Part 3 - Mark Twain Zephyr trainset
 Part 4 - Q&A

September 11: Members Favorite Slide Night

June 5: A Night at the Museum, with representatives from National Railroad Museum, East Troy Railroad Museum, and Mid-Continent Railroad Museum

May 1: Short presentations by,
 Keith Schmidt - What If in 2020
 Jerry Krug - Iowa Interstate
 Dan Grudzielanek - Chicago
 Bob Gallegos - Following CP 470 & 471
 Mike Yuhas - BNSF in California and Arizona in January 2020 (etc.)

March 6: Milwaukee Road - East from Aberdeen, by Fred Hyde

February 7: Canst Thou Send Lightning, by James Wades

January 3:  Railfanning in 1969 with Tom Hoffmann




December 6: Green Bay & Western and Tour of the Twin Ports by Jerry Krug

November 1: The Hop at One Year, with Terry Mulcahy, Alisha Adaway, and Alderman Bob Bauman

October 4: After Promontory, presented by Scott Lothes

September 6: Members Favorite Slide Night

June 7: Soo Line, South Shore and More, by Lou Gerard

May 4: Chapter Banquet: keynote presentation by Norman Carlson, Chairman of Metra

April 5: Wallace W. Abbey Photography, presented by Kevin P. Keefe

March 1: Fond du Lac - Not Gone but Not Forgotten, presented by Brian Siegl

February 1: Dave Nelson presents WC and WSOR 1980 to 2008

January 4: Coal is Still King, by Keith Schmidt




December 7: Mesabi Range, Great Northern, Milwaukee Road and More in Rare Photos, presented by Jim Rindt

November 2: East Troy Past and Present, with Evan Richards

October 5: 20 Years Ago - 1998, recalled by Tom Hoffmann

September 7: Members Favorite Slide Night

June 1: Mike Patrick presents Kenosha from the 1960 to the early 1990s

May 5: Chapter Banquet: keynote presentation by Dave Leider discussing Chicago Stockyards

April 6: Reading in the 1960s and More, by Rob McGonigal

March 2: Gary Rumler’s Northwestern

February 2: Midwest Railroads in 1989 and 2001, with Al Baker

February 5: Santa Fe with Jerry Krug




December 1: Where the Heck Am I, asked (and answered) by Dave Nelson

November 3: Today’s Aerial Railroad Photography, presented by Mike Yuhas

October 6: 20 Years Ago - 1997, recalled by Tom Hoffmann

September 8: Members Favorite Slide Night

June 2: UP Historian and Photographer Bill Kratville, presented by Cate Kratville-Wrinn

May 6: Chapter Banquet: keynote presentation by Peter Wolff and John Woodcock of TTX

April 7: Railfan events of 2015 and 65th Anniversary of the Wisconsin Chapter, presented by Keith Schmidt

March 3: Northwest Ohio Railroads in the 1970s and 1980s photographed by John Uckley, presented by Brian Schmidt

February 3: Soo Line in the 1970s & 80s, presented by Jerry Krug

January 6: Burlington Northern in Illinois, presented by Dave Nelson




December 2: Railroad Trivia Night, with Jim Wrinn

November 4: Union Pacific Overland Route, presented by Dan Grudzielanek

October 7: The Roy Campbell Collection, presented by Tom Burg

September 9: Members Favorite Slide Night

June 3: An Hour of Slides Taken by Cyril “Cy” Mennen, presented by Matt Planning

May 7: Chapter Banquet: keynote presentation by Rick Grossman of Wells Fargo

April 1: Soo Line in Transition, presented by Bob Baker

March 4: Montana in the Digital Age, presented by Tom Danneman

February 5: Bucyrus-Erie Factory and its Railroad, presented by Dave Nelson

January 8: 20 Years Ago, presented by Tom Hoffmann